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Momo Sushi Shack

43 Bogart Street

Meal < $24

Have you ever been to Bushwick and thought, ” Yeah I bet there is a great sushi spot around here.” I don’t think so. When you go to Buswick you think pollo, rice, and tacos. Couldn’t help my eyes from nearly popping out of my head when some girl told me that the owner of Bozu in Williamsburg opened up a spot in Bushwick. Bozu2 in my neighborhood?

After some research I located them on yelp, BushwickBK, FreeWilliamsburg, and more. This place was legit. Time to check out the menu and taste it out.

The spot is about 2 blocks from the Morgan train stop but I walked it to work up an appetite. Looks like they took over a garage, just cleaned it up a bit, and threw a kitchen up in the back. Very bare bones with only 3 long wooden tables, softly lit, and a dash of industrial feel (being a garage and all). But hey its Bushwick. We love that shit. All rustic and what not.

They handed me a good sized menu (but not overwhelming) and a list of specials. Immediately I went for the Tsukemono (pickled veggies) and the Ryoan, a Japeness version of the ceviche . Also went with a safety, Spicy Mc bomb; Tuna, spicy mayo, cucumber, and katafi. The pickled vegetables consisted of celery, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, and something else not too sure of. It was actually disappointing. I found them to have a sour and weird almost smoky aftertaste. Not my favorite. The Ryoan however did not disappoint. Shredded yellowtail I think on the bottom, a blob of salmon on top, and a few small chuncks of alvacoda all swimming in some sort of lime sauce. The waiter suggested I mix it all up before trying it. Thanks man! I even added a little spicy soy sauce after a few bites. That did it for me. I’ll be coming back for that one. Oh yes the Spicy Mc bomb and what a good looking one at that. Nicely presented with katafi piled high on top.

I can’t wait to head back with a friend or two and try out the other dishes. And for well done, good sushi the price is ay-okay with me. Left there full and content knowing I can get good sushi without leaving the hood.